Secure Technologies and Data Storage

Secure technologies and data storage are necessary to protect your organization’s most valuable information from hackers, natural disasters or accidental deletion. Storage solutions are essential to ensure that you are able to recover your data in the event of a catastrophe or technical glitch. In the past security and data storage were usually distinct issues However, today’s IT departments are increasingly embracing DevSecOps models that blend the development of applications and security, and spread responsibility for security across the entire organization.

Data storage is becoming an important focus for IT security and an integral part of cybersecurity strategies. Effective data storage security decreases the risk of unauthorized data access, data manipulation and ensures accountability.

Essentially, the security of data storage comprises three main principles: data integrity, data confidentiality and robust disaster recovery systems for disaster recovery. The first principle is to ensure that data stored is not damaged in any way. This is typically accomplished with encryption of data, which converts the data that is readable into an encoded format which is only decrypted with the correct key.

Many experts suggest that data loss prevention software (DLP) be deployed to safeguard data from loss. These solutions can identify and stop attacks when they happen. A strong network security is an important aspect of security for data storage, so a good strategy should include firewalls, anti-malware protection Security gateways, security gateways and intrusion detection systems.

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