How to Choose the Best Free VPN Providers

Some VPNs (thankfully not the ones I’ve mentioned above) are risky. There are numerous VPN providers that offer a limited number of connection to servers, slow speeds and data sharing. It is important to select an option that offers a stripped down version of their service or doesn’t sell data.

Many free providers offer only a small number of servers. This can lead to overcrowding, and your internet speed could slow down. Some providers even offer your information to be used for mass advertising. Look for a company with a solid, independent audited no-logs policy.

It’s also a good idea to opt for an VPN that supports double-hopping and obfuscates your data further and supports Bitcoin payments. This will aid in avoiding some of the most serious problems caused by free VPNs which include a lack of security protocols and a failure to deal with DDOS attacks.

Some free VPNs come with all the features you require. Windscribe, for instance offers a variety of servers spread across 10 countries and is able to be used anonymously. It also allows you to connect multiple devices, and allows you to stream a variety of streaming services including US Netflix. PrivadoVPN lets users to stream Netflix and Disney+, is another excellent option. It comes with a huge bandwidth limit of 10GB and lets you stream Hulu, Netflix and Disney+. It’s easy to use with simple apps for all the major platforms.

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