Improving Board Meeting Productivity

If your board meetings do not result in the outcomes you would like it could be the time to consider making changes. It is not hard to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your board meetings. The following steps can be carried out slowly over time and can significantly improve the overall quality of your meetings.

Begin by establishing a clear agenda and setting strict time limits on each item. By setting a limit on how much time each topic will require to be discussed Board members will be more likely to keep their remarks short and to the point. Assigning a timekeeper to the meeting will also help ensure that everyone adheres to these guidelines.

Avoid topics where only a handful of members of your board have expertise. Think about having one-on-one conversations with each board member during meetings to explore pop over to this website topics that need more research or know-how. This is a great opportunity to discuss issues that require the full attention of the board.

Another problem that many board members have trouble with is getting the meeting on proper track after the meeting has begun. A lot of discussion could drift off-topic particularly when board members know one another on a regular basis and are talking about personal news before the meeting begins. Try to bring the discussion back to the agenda item and kindly redirect members when they continue to diverge.

Your board meetings should be a space where you can discuss strategic and tactical decisions not just a venue to report on and provide updates. With a little planning and minor changes your board meetings can transform into productive, engaging events that are crucial for the growth and success of your organization.

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