Romantic Things to Do in Belize

If you’re trying to reignite the flame with the beloved, a Belize holiday could be just what the doctor purchased. A former colony of Britain situated between Guatemala, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea, Belize provides a relaxed pace and lush tropical setting that is certainly perfect for love. Whether you’re planning your vacation or simply trying to reconnect get back special someone, keep reading for each of our list of seven unforgettable romantic activities in belize.

Start an opportunity that takes you back in nature, with just the two of you and the warm Caribbean breeze blowing through your mane. Hike to partially excavated Maya ruins or perhaps cascade down 1000-foot waterfalls upon back-to-nature organized tours offered by your Belizean Dreams concierge.

Spend a day alongside one another at The Green Morpho Butterfly Farm which rears the rare and beautiful Belizean blue butterfly. This plantation is located only a short drive from San Ignacio Town besides making for a great educational experience.,_Portrait_of_Hawaiian_woman.jpg

Sailing along the coast is among the most memorable things to do in belize for couples. Charter a ship with employees like XSite Belize Marining & Adventures and take in the views of pristine coral reefs and unspoiled overseas islands. Drink champagne or possibly a refreshing rum tropical drink while appreciating the warm ocean sea breezes and a breathtaking sunset above the water.

For a nighttime that feels straight out of the films, decide on a candlelit lunch for two over a private seashore, poolside or perhaps from your porch. This option characteristic is available by many resorts including our Manta Isle Hotel and is the perfect way to set the mood to your Belize holiday.

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