Rap Law: From Contracts to Car Accidents

Yo, listen up, I’m here to lay it down
With the legal lowdown, from contracts to the town
Let’s start with addendums, to tie up a deal
I got a guide for that, so let’s make it real

Next up, we got the state bar, giving aid for free
In Oregon, they’re there, for legal guarantee
If you need some help, just check out the link
Legal aid is there, for the guidance you seek

What’s a business agent, for a union you say?
Check it out, my friend, I’ll explain it in a rap today
Their role and duties, laid out clear and right
Just click on the link, and bring it to light

Legal Rap

Now, if French is your game, and legal’s the name
I got you covered, no need for shame
Legal in French, is the guide you need
For all legal matters, this link will lead

Car accident damage, got you feeling blue?
Check out the agreement, and the steps you should do
This legal guide will show you the way
To handle the damage, and make it okay

Now, let’s talk towing, someone else’s car
Is it legal or not? Well, I’ll take it far
This legal guide will break it down for you
So you know the rules, and what you can do

From Bulgaria to the US, the age to drink
I got the facts, so stop and think
Check out the link, for the legal age in Bulgaria, it’s all in your grasp
So you can drink legally, no need to ask

Finally, we got forms, the I-9 kind
If you need to know more, well, I don’t mind
The guide is right here, all you need to see
For the I-9 form, so legal and free

So there you have it, the legal lowdown in rap
From contracts to car accidents, I’ll set the map
Click on the links, and you’ll learn some more
Legal matters, all in store