How to Use Remote Board Meeting Technology to Expand Your Board Membership

A remote board meeting presents an unique set of problems. It also gives you flexibility and a chance to expand your board. The key to successful remote meetings is the use of technology that lets your board members communicate effectively and clearly. Before the meeting starts make sure that all participants have tested their cameras, software, and microphones and are familiar with their equipment. This will allow your board to concentrate on the agenda and lessen the time spent by technical issues.

Encourage your board members to add notes, updates and action items to a agenda prior to the meeting. Then, use a digital scheduling tool like SavvyCal to determine meeting times that are suitable for all attendees. The result is shorter meetings, with more focus that are usually less stressful.

The ability to see one another during virtual meetings can help improve collaboration and create stronger relationships. Adding video to your meetings can make it easier to spot crucial non-verbal signals coming from your board members. For instance, a smile can convey enthusiasm and enthusiasm, whereas eye rolls or a frown could signal boredom, disagreement, impatience, or concern. In addition, it’s beneficial to include an introductory video that plays prior to every remote meeting to set the tone and remind the participants of expectations regarding behavior during the call. Asking for feedback at each call can also help to improve engagement and inform board members that their opinions are valued.

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