How to Design a Strategic Board Agenda That Supports Your Board’s Effectiveness

The strategic agenda is a tool to assist your board in achieving its goals. It is not the only thing to take into consideration – you should also ensure that your board members participate in a productive discussion that leads them to make informed choices.

Be it a conversation about board performance, a presentation on the new program or an deep analysis of an operational issue, the appropriate agenda will lead to effective collaboration that helps your organization’s success. This article will help you understand how to create a strategic agenda for your board that will help increase its effectiveness without wasting time on irrelevant operational details.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to board agendas the best practice is that you prioritize your agenda by strategic goals, and leave reports and other old business until the conclusion of the meeting. The board can also be helped by providing a list of objectives and desired outcomes prior to strategy day. This can help focus their attention and decrease the time spent in meetings.

In the same way scheduling two annual strategic retreats rather than just one will provide more time for discussion and strategic thinking. Incorporating industry experts from outside on the agenda is beneficial in stimulating discussion and promoting deeper level strategic thinking among directors. It is important to clearly communicate the procedure and requirements for meetings, including the process for voting and decision-making to your board before the strategy day to ensure they are well-prepared.

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