Secure Business Tool For Data Transfer

File transfer is a vital business process, but many organizations suffer from severe security vulnerabilities that could expose data to risk. Poor FTP implementations and the absence of internal controls are just some of the issues organizations face.

Make sure data transfers comply with compliance requirements and offer reliability with a safe business tool for data transfer. With automated processes with robust audit trails and advanced encryption capabilities, you can lower operational risk by not relying on unreliable protocols for file transfer or insecure third-party applications.

Secures all external and internal transfers both in motion and when at rest. With advanced capabilities, like session breaks and protocol inspection, it helps companies to avoid costly downtime due to insecure FTP or slow EDI or overcrowded network connections. This lets them improve the quality of service offered to customers, and ensures conformity with SLAs.

This provides a 360-degree view of all file movements in near-real-time, allowing them to anticipate risks such as delays or failures to transfer that could affect downstream systems. This helps them limit the harms caused by issues through proactive resolution and improved compliance with SLAs and internal governance policies.

Managed File Transfer is a platform in technology that allows for the secure exchange of electronic data between systems and individuals both inside and outside of the enterprise. This can be done to meet the requirements of compliance. With one window of control and visibility MOVEit automates security, automation access control, security and encryption of files, it helps businesses improve their operations customer service and B2B governance while meeting compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA and GDPR.

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