Robert Scott Davis, Author at Journal of the American Revolution

Contact me today for your healthcare content writing and content strategy needs for medical, business, academic, patient and consumer healthcare audiences. My ideal story is one that combines fantasy, horror, and hardcore history. Almost everything in it is accurate to the time period, down to the titles of books and many of the peripheral characters. I do take liberties but I tried to evoke a sense of what living at this time was like. Broadway was modeled on nineteenth century melodrama. Chronicon Apocalyptica (“The Chronicle of the Apocalypse”) is much much weirder. Taking place in the year 1000, it has labyrinthine mysteries and heaps of possibilities, because I see history as a really twisted, rambling place.

  • He helped reorganize the University Senate to give students a voice in the governance of the university.
  • The idea that the plantation described was in South Carolina came from a suggestion by Farris W. Cadle, the authority on Georgia land grants and surveys.
  • After Frank Munsey’s death in 1925, Davis was made a member of the executive board of the Munsey-owned New York Sun.
  • His first wife, Louise, with whom he had two sons, died in 1919.
  • Broadway was modeled on nineteenth century melodrama.

As an educator I find this a prime example for students on excellent word choice, use of adjectives and creative writing. Dr. Davis has been interviewed by dozens of radio programs and podcasts worldwide. His 30+ national and international lectures have included presentations at Harvard, Cambridge University, and Beijing University. Dr. Davis’ research efforts, lectures, and interviews vary across many disciplines with a focus on consciousness, the brain, parapsychology, and unexplainable extraordinary experiences reported by millions worldwide.

About Robert Davis

Robert Davis graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in recreation. His career as Belmont’s Recreation Superintendent somehow evolved into becoming president of an advertising agency. He served for three years as treasurer of the California Writer’s Club and Jack London Writer’s Conference. Although this book is fiction, it allowed me to escape from the real world to a world where good people are rewarded for good deeds. He is also author of the book That Girl of Pierre’s.

Robert Davis, born in 1881, lived an energetic and adventurous life spanning two world wars that had dramatic impact upon international relations—an impact that he was personally and philosophically very concerned about. His life seemed to have begun more or less routinely when he chose to train at Dartmouth and Union Theological Seminary, and so become the fifth in his family line to serve as a Vermont Congregational minister. In 1917, during World War I, he was appointed Commissioner for the American Red Cross in France, Austria, Hungary, Armenia, the Baltic States and Europe.

I was looking forward to another book by this author because I couldn’t put down his first book “The Ticker”. Cliff hanging chapters, suspenseful, great characters. An early morning knock on a motel door is often a harbinger of bad news. After nine futile years of playing professional baseball, Dean the Dream Mason learns his career has come to an end. Worse yet, Dean’s only living relative was found dead in a nursing home, and the inheritance he is due, which is seven times greater than current President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s annual salary, is no longer his. I released Louis and reached into my suit jacket pocket lying at the foot of the examination table.

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Now I was getting the sign I’d been waiting for. If I can’t get through the first chapter – that’s it for the book.

Robert S. Davis is senior professor of History at Wallace State College, Hanceville, Alabama. His many publications include several articles and books on the American Revolution in Georgia and South Carolina. His research on the letters in American Husbandry started almost forty years ago when he learned of them from a publication of the late Dr. Albert B. Saye. Bob’s failure to find any Georgian who could have been the author led to his first publication in a scholarly journal.

Our primary mission is to help foster open government and a vibrant press by advocating for strong public records, open meetings and public notice laws. This one takes place in the 50s, and involves a scheme to take away money from the elderly. When the injured-baseball-star Dean the Dream’s aunt mysteriously dies, he decides to investigate. I was transported back to the day of Hawaii Five-O and other cop shoes. I travel a lot and reading his novels makes the long trips seem shorter.

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